How a Portable Green Screen Can Take Your Video Production to the Next Level

Lately, more and more people are beginning to experiment with video creation, especially due to the popularity of video streaming sites. If you’re one of them, you should consider using a portable green screen. Much like the screens your local weather reporter uses, these portable options let you insert yourself in front of any backdrop image you choose. They couldn’t be easier to use. Place the screen behind you (or whatever is being filmed), start the camera, and you are done. Later, software can be used to replace the green background with the image or video you select.

Emphasize Portability When You Buy

Regardless of the type of videos you produce, portability will make things easier on you. It’s not too difficult to find a portable screen if you shop around a little. When you are filming in a place with a less than ideal background, you will be happy you focused on portability when you bought your screen.

Green Screens Provide Flexibility

Such a screen will also help you be much more flexible during production. The benefits might become clear if you imagine being a conventional movie director who relies on artificially created sets. An enormous amount of work could be saved by having a replaceable backdrop. Being able to include more than one setting in your videos in such an easy way is priceless. As an added bonus, you can do all of that without leaving your current venue. This technique also avoids having to schedule outings to different places in order to achieve different settings.

Your Wallet Will Thank You

If you are effective and tasteful in your use of a green screen, you can save enormous amounts of money during production without needing to compromise excessively on the final outcome. If you would like to have the same film with multiple backdrops, you will also save a substantial quantity of time. It’s hard to overstate how annoying it is to have to film the same action in multiple places. You also avoid the difficulty of reproducing the exact conditions more than once. There are countless other potential issues that are prevented in advance by using a green screen, including troublesome weather, traffic, and special events that cause crowding.

Added Consistency

A common concern in video production is continuity problems that can make your films seem less professional. If you have several locations, the potential for inconsistency goes up even more. If regularity is important to your video, it is often very difficult to keep elements of your setting uniform in more than one venue. Portable screens also simplify some features of the scene like lighting and color, which can otherwise be hard to predict. You will enjoy being able to control the editing of our film down to the finest detail.

Portable backdrops, and green screens in particular, can be an excellent part of a video producer’s arsenal. Give them a try and see for yourself.

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